Days 43-46


Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-07
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It sure was nice to have a few days back at home off the bike, though they hardly felt like rest days. I woke up Saturday morning and Dale made a nice big delicious breakfast. After breakfast I spent most of my time trying to figure out what I wanted to bring home with me. I had a quick flight to Dallas then another flight from Dallas into Seattle. I landed around 9 and wasn't home until 10:30. I talked with my family and ate some food then we all went to bed since it was a big day tomorrow!

Sunday was the day of my mother's wedding. It was up at my grandparent's place in Burlington. Barbara (step mop) cooked me and my brothers some breakfast then we were on our way. The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect for the wedding and the day was so beautiful. It was really nice to see so much of my family and also gain a wonderful step dad and three great step sisters. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my mom truly happy and today she really glowing with happiness.

The beautiful bride!

I spent the fourth of July up at my cabin at Lake Wenatchee with my little brother and two of my best friends Daniel and Mandy. We took the jet ski up to the cabin but didn't use it too much because it was a bit cold. Luckily we had pretty decent weather, mostly just windy. I always love going up to the cabin, it is definitely one of my favorite places.

We had to leave the cabin by 5AM in order for me to make it on time to my flight that morning. It was a pretty brutal morning, followed by another long day of flying. I flew to Chicago then back to Springfield where Dale was waiting for me at the airport. While I was gone Dale had cleaned up my bike for me, including my chain. We ate some dinner and then built a DIY rack mount on my bike out of PVC pipe so that I could mount my gopro and lights onto it. It was pretty fun making the first custom attachment for my bike. After we were done I got my stuff packed up for tomorrow then Dale and I enjoyed some cake and ice cream before heading to bed.

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