Washington DC

Days 70 & 71

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-30
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Leaving Yorktown

We got up in the morning and had breakfast, signed the guestbook, and gathered all of our things so that we were ready to go. John, the pastor of the church who lived across the street drove us down to the Newport News airport at 8 in the morning so that we could pick up our rental car (truck) that Joop and I would be driving up to Washington DC. We were very surprised to see such a nice, new, big truck pull up for us to take. We drove back to the riverside house to get our bikes and gear loaded in the truck then we were on the road for DC.

When we arrived where we are staying in DC - friends of a man that Joop met in Pueblo, CO - we were greeted happily by Amy. We got acquainted briefly, then Joop and I brought in all of our bags out of the truck and headed down to the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport where we had to return it. We returned the truck then hopped on our bikes and rode about 13 miles to make it back to Bob and Amy's house. The ride back to their house was amazing. We rode mostly on bike trails and there were a lot of other people out on bikes and running/excersizing. All of the buildings that we passed by on our way back were incredible and fun to look at.

When we got back we showered then chatted with Amy for a while until Bob came home from work. We then continued to talk and enjoy some snacks while prepparing dinner and waiting for their friends to arrive. Dinner was delicious, and we got to meet Bob and Amy's friends Pete and Jane who rode their bikes across the country just a couple of years ago, going East to West. It was great sharing stories and experiences with them - they even brought a book that they made, full of pictures and memories from their trip.

Exploring Washington DC

Saturday morning started off with blueberry pancakes and bacon - a great way to start the day. After breakfast, Bob took Joop and I into DC to show us around so that we knew where everything is so we can explore more while we are in the area for the next few days. Bob took us all over the place! We got to see the US Capitol, Supreme Court, White House, Washington Monument, and a few memorials and museums. It was a pretty great day in the captiol. Just being out here is such an awesome feeling. We returned to the house so that Bob could get ready with Amy to go to the Billy Joel concert that night. I spent the rest of the evening fixing my laptop and looking at my photos for the past couple of days and of course, writing out the blogs.

Watergate Supreme Court Capitol Building Library of Congress Reading Room White House There were Singapore flags lining some roads - not sure why White House WWII Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument & Reflective Pool

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