Day 8

One State Down!

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-05-30
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Ride Date: 2016-05-28
Starting Location: Cusick, WA
Ending Location: Hope, ID
Miles: 84
Lowest Elevation: 2051
Highest Elevation: 2247

I got an early start this morning and managed to be packed up and on the road within an hour of waking up. I went to bed a little earlier the night before and it made it much easier to wake up and get moving rather than feeling like a sloth while packing my camp up.

Thirty minutes into my ride the sun started to come out enough to the point that I got to take my jacket off. It looked beautiful with the sun shining on the river with the mountains around. I could tell it was going to be a good day.

About an hour in, I spotted a small moose to the side of the road. I stopped to take a look and a few pictures. I wanted my bigger lens so I could zoom in enough to get a decent picture of it, but it was too deep in my bag. The moose and I stared at each other for a while. It got startled each time a car drove by (which wasn't too often). He started coming closer to me and I was able to get a few pretty good pictures of him, as well as a video on my phone. Eventually he came up and crossed the road in front of me.

One of the shots I got while the moose was closer to me.

A few more miles down the road I crossed a bridge over the river to get to Usk where I grabbed some food and snacks. I decided that I would just stay on this side of the river and ride on highway 20 again. I regretted that almost immediately as the wind was much more intense than on the other side of the river. Even while going downhill I still had to pedal really hard to feel like I was riding at a decent speed.

A few more miles up the road, guess who I ran into? Gary and Dennis! We were all positive that we were never going to run into each other agian after not seeing each other since yesterday morning. I rode with them for most the rest of the day. It was much easier to keep a steady pace while riding with them, and I enjoyed the company! We crossed over into Idaho which marked my first time ever crossing a state on a bicycle! Eventually we made it to Sandpoint, Idaho which is where they would be picked up by their wives and enjoy the comfort of their own homes down in Courdelane.

Crossing into Idaho. You can see Gary leading the way.

I stopped in at the bike shop to get a few things for my bike, then at Safeway to get some more groceries. I then headed on my way for a campground in Hope, Idaho. The rest of the day I rode with Lake Pend Orielle to my side, and it was absolutely beautiful. When I got to the Sam Owen Campground it looked like a really nice campground, however they didn't have showers. I went to check the covered areas that had plugins to at least charge my laptop and phone up, but there was no power. So I decided I would keep moving on.

Riding by Lake Pend Orielle. Not a bad ride at all!
View from the Sam Owen Campground beach. Nice spot!

I stopped at a nice tucked away area not too far from the road. It wasn't ideal because I could hear the road and the trains going by, but it was conveniently close to my route and away from where anybody could see me!

Camp for the night.

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