Day 69

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-28
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Today was a relaxing day. Joop and I didn't do much of anything, mostly because it was so hot and muggy outside so we were just enjoying the air conditioning. In the morning we slept in a bit more than usual and the two other cyclists were gone by the time we came downstairs. After breakfast we headed over to the Yorktown Battlefield Visitors Center and learned a bit about the surrender of the British in the Revolutionary War in 1781.

Lafayette cannon Ship model Nelson House (a signer of the Declaration of Independence)

Afterwards we visited a local museum then strolled back home since it was already starting to get too hot. We stayed in the house for the rest of the day just enjoying a day of rest. When it got later after we ate dinner, we headed down to the PUB on the beach to get a pitcher of beer to celebrate our victory one last time.

Our house overlooking the river Our house overlooking the river

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