Day 67

So Close I Can Taste It

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-26
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Ride Date: 2016-07-26
Starting Location: Doswell, VA
Ending Location: Williamsburg, VA
Miles: 83
Lowest Elevation: 3
Highest Elevation: 266

Yet another incredibly hot day today, and this humidity is crazy! We had a wonderful breakfast with Kathleen and Dave. Tons of fruit with cereal, eggs, toast, coffe and juice. They sent us off fully fueled! It was already 78+ degrees by the time that we started riding today in the morning.

Our route today took us through Ashland, then through the outskirts of Richmond. We past by many historic battle sites while riding on highway 156. We stopped for a quick breakfast sandwich and drink refuel at a convenience store then continued down the 156 until we got to the Virginia Capitol Trail.

The Virginia Capitol Trail was a very nice seperated bike path and we rode it for a little more than 30 miles, almost all the way into Williamsburg. We stopped for lunch at the Clubhouse Grille in Charles City along the way and got some incredible burgers. A bit after leaving the grille we came up on another cyclist who was heading East. He started in Astoria on the 28th of May - he was quick! He didn't ride with us for very long though, as he said Joop and I were too fast for him.

We got towards the end of the trail and headed for our WarmShowers host. We made our way to the house, dripping in sweat. We received a warm welcome by Debra and Camilla and a couple of their grandkids who are here from San Francisco. They instantly gave us cold water and fruits, as they know what cyclists crave after getting off the bike! They have done a good amount of cycling themselves on their nice tandem bike, including the Atlantic Coast and majority of the Northern Tier route.

Joop and I brought our stuff in off our bikes and took showers. We then relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful view of the river from the back of their home. I spent the majority of the evening talking and playing with Noah and Kelilah. Debra and Camilla were very appreciative of me keeping the kids entertained, though it was going both ways - they are really smart kids! We also enjoyed a womderful dinner amd desert and watched some television before heading to bed.

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