Day 65

A Day Of Swimming!

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-24
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Ride Date: 2016-07-24
Starting Location: Afton, VA
Ending Location: Palmyra, VA
Miles: 53
Lowest Elevation: 217
Highest Elevation: 1368

It was a very hot and sweaty ride today. We left the Cookie Lady's house at 7 and it was already warm outside. We rode about 30 miles before stopping for breakfast in Charlottesville to get some omelets. The ride through Charlottesville was very nice, it took us right through the University of Virginia's campus.

We had another very hot 20+ miles to Palmyra where we ended our day of riding at the United Methodist Church. We were let inside the air conditioned room by a lady who was in the church. We then called Cindy, the contact for the church on our map. Cindy let us know where everything was and told us to make ourselves at home and that they would be by a little bit after two to take us to the lake if we wanted.

Cindy and Gerry picked us up and brought us back to their place where they offered us food and drinks, then we all went down to the neighbors dock for some swimming in Lake Montecello with their dogs. I had a lot of fun swimming around with Boomer and racing to for the tennis ball.

When we were done in the lake, they took us over to their friend's farm where we were introduced to Joan and Barbara. We enjoyed some time relaxing and conversing in the pool before we were served a delicious dinner and desert. It was a wonderful night with great conversation and great people. After dinner when we finally realized how late it was, Gerry and Cindy drove Joop and I back to the church where we got set up for the night.

Dinner! A look inside the actual church - we stayed in the building right next to it Not the best quility picture, and this was after a day of swimming but these people are AMAZING. Thank you Cindy and Gerry!

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