Day 63

Heading To The Base

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-23
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Ride Date: 2016-07-22
Starting Location: Catawba, VA
Ending Location: Lexington, VA
Miles: 73
Lowest Elevation: 781
Highest Elevation: 1926

This mornings ride started out with a nice downhill coast for a bit after we said goodbye to the hikers at the hostel. Then it was just rolling hills fot a while. It was a cool temperature, and the fog and haze in the mountains looked amazing. It was very difficult to capture with the camera though because of the sun.

When we got onto highway 11 near Troutville, we decided that we would just ride on the 11 all the way to Buchanan rather than taking the roads that went out and into the hills more. In Buchanan we stopped at the Burger King so we could each get a breakfast platter (nothing else was open).

On the way to Natural Bridge we were on roads that paralleled interstate 81, so it was not as quite and peaceful as usual. We stopped at Natural Bridge expecting that we would be able to view the bridge for free but when we got there we found out that it was $20 so we continued.

We stopped in Lexington to cool down at the library for about an hour since we were getting close to the campground but it was still early. While we were in the library I searched for the campground on google maps and it said it was about 12 miles further than what our maps showed. We hoped that our maps would be right - and luckily they were!

We pulled into the Mallard Duck Campground and picked a site. Joop set out his tarp on the ground and layed down and passed out for a nap pretty much instantly. Just as a storm was rolling in, a cycling couple from Switzerland came into the campground so we chatted for a brief moment. Then we were hit with a big thunderstorm and downpour of rain. I decided to just watch a movie on my phone in my tent since I had some movies on my hard drive.

While Joop and I were making dinner later, I was approached by the cyclist from Michigan who I have stayed at a couple of city parks with - one in Missouri and one in Kentucky. I figured he would have been ahead by a couple days by now, but he took a couple days to go up to Ohio (he is the one with the support vehicle along with him).

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