Day 61

Back On Track With Joop

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-20
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Ride Date: 2016-07-20
Starting Location: Damascus, VA
Ending Location: Fort Chiswell, VA
Miles: 67
Lowest Elevation: 1952
Highest Elevation: 3819

Last night was a good time. I stayed up outside in the back drinking beer and chatting with the other guys staying in the hostel and a local. They all have trail names that they go by: Feather, Timber, Mangenta, and Lumpy. It was a good night of conversation and I enjoyed listening to all their different accents.

In the morning Larry made pancakes and coffee for all of us staying at the hostel. He tried to challenge us to eat 14 pancakes because someone was able to do that one time, but I decided not to have too many so I wouldn't feel heavy while dealing with the climbs I had early in the day.

Today was a wonderful day of riding. It is nice to be riding with Joop again too. The sun was out early but it wasn't too hot and we had a lot of tree coverage over the roads. We had to climb almost 2000 feet in the beginning part of the day but we did it with no problem at all!

We stopped in Sugar Grove about 30 miles into our ride and got some coffee and donuts, then continued on our ride. After Sugar Grove it was a bit warmer outside but it was still a very nice ride. We got to Wythville (60 miles) before 1:00. We averaged 12 miles per hour even with the elevation that we covered. In Wythville we went to Walmart so I could get an SD card reader so that it would be possible for me to transfer my pictures from my camera to my phone so I have a way to upload pictures to my blog since my laptop is broken now.

After Walmart and a quick lunch we headed down the road for another 5 or 6 miles to get to the KOA campground. We got a campsite with nice tree coverage and began planning out the rest of our trip. We've got the whole trip planned out now. We should be arriving in Yorktown on the 27th where we will stay for a couple days then drive a rental truck up to Washington DC. He will be flying out of DC on the 8th so he is staying there for the last week while I make my way up to New York to fly out on the 8th as well.

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