Day 60

Reuniting With Joop

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-19
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Ride Date: 2016-07-19
Starting Location: Haysi, VA
Ending Location: Damascus, VA
Miles: 70
Lowest Elevation: 1260
Highest Elevation: 2989

It was hard to wake up at first this morning. My body was incredibly tired from the ride the previous day. I slept in a bit longer than usual then decided that I was doing myself no good by laying there any longer. So I made breakfast quickly and packed my stuff up and headed out.

There was a really thick fog in the morning again today but it wasn't too difficult to see through. It felt really nice riding in the cool weather and I enjoyed it since I knew it wouldnt last - and it didnt. For most of the day I found myself searching for any shaded areas on the road to ride in.

I stopped for an early lunch in Honaker on my way down from the first big climb of the day and was on the road quickly after. The toughest part of the day was the climb before Hayters Gap, though the 1500 foot ride down was a LOT of fun!

From Hayters Gap there was a little more of a climb to Meadowview though it was much more gradual than the hills earlier in the day. I stopped in Meadowview for a quick ice cream cone then finished the last part of the days ride to Damascus where Joop would be waiting for me.

When I got to Damascus I went to the hostel behind the church where Joop had been staying the past two days while he waited for me. We got reacquainted and I cooled down a bit before we searched for another place to stay since the hostel he was at had a 2 night limit. We made our way over to Crazy Larry's hostel where we decided we would stay for the night. Tonight is a full hostel, with another cyclist Holly from Pittsburg and a handful of hikers who are doing the Appalachian Trail (Damascus is the city where the two trails cross each other).

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