Day 57

Intro To The Appalachians

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-17
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Ride Date: 2016-07-16
Starting Location: Berea, KY
Ending Location: Buckhorn, KY
Miles: 70
Lowest Elevation: 669
Highest Elevation: 1509

Today I had my introduction to the Appalachians. The hills are starting to get much longer but they sure are fun to come down. I had pretty good luck with the weather today. It was mostly cloudy for the majority of the day and only sprinkled a few raindrops on me from time to time. The last couple of hours from Booneville to Buckhorn it was nice and hot though.

I got another email from Joop this moning. We have everything all planned out so that we will be riding together again by Wednesday.

Lots of these black barns with quilt squares on them

I'm starting to go through much smaller towns again and they are becoming more and more infrequent. There also seem to be a lot more dogs around to chase me but I still haven't really had any issues with the dogs attempting to bike at me or my gear. I keep getting warned by other cyclists about the difficulties in the route ahead of me.

I ended my day at the Buckhorn Campground. I arrived shortly after another cyclist, Susan who was talking with the campground hosts. We decided to share a campsite to split the cost. There are also a few more cyclists at the camp, Dean, Debbie, and Jung. After showering off I hung around and chatted with a few of the cyclists as we each took turns doing our laundry too. I got some useful information about my upcoming days which is very nice considering my options are so limited for where to camp/stay.

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