Day 55

Springfield Round 2

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-17
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Ride Date: 2016-07-14
Starting Location: White Mills, KY
Ending Location: Springfield, KY
Miles: 65
Lowest Elevation: 463
Highest Elevation: 883

I woke up this morning and Richard and Sarah (the bikers staying at the fire station with me) made me pancakes for breakfast - what a treat! My morning ride was very nice. It was beautiful out though it was hot early on.

I'm starting to see some ridges popping up, no longer just hills! I can tell I'm getting near the Appalachians.

During the day the weather was a little bipolar. I had to put my rain jacket on and take it off fairly often though I usually rode with it off. On the last section of my ride, the 13 miles from Loretto to Springfield it started to downpour. I decided to just ride through it and it cleared up a bit before I got into Springfield.

In Springfield I stopped for some food then went to the Idle-Hour City park where I would be staying for the night. It was suggested by another cyclist earlier that I set my tent up in the back pavilion so I did that. This didn't turn out to be the best idea though because a Mexican family came down to practice their dancing to music for a quincenera while I was resting in my tent.

While I was trying to rest through all the music and talking, Bob the cyclist from Michigan who I met at the city park in Hartville Missouri. He came down and offered my some leftover spaghetti that his sister made (his mom and sister are driving the route and carrying his gear). I came up and joined them where they were staying for a while and we talked until the family at my pavilion left, then it was time for bed.

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