Day 54

From Fire Station To Fire Station

Posted by Co on 2016-07-13
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Ride Date: 2016-07-13
Starting Location: Utica, KY
Ending Location: White Mills, KY
Miles: 83
Lowest Elevation: 417
Highest Elevation: 837

Today was a very hot day! I had a couple of encounters with dogs chasing me today but I was able to outrun them each time. I took a quick rest at a little mini mart at Fordsville about 30 miles after starting. I got a coffee and was also convinced to try one of their mini pizzas since they just came out of the oven. The owner didn't charge me for my coffee because he heard that I was biking across the country.

Most of the rest of the day was filled with long and mostly gradual hills and the sun never let up all day making it kind of tough to keep the enery up. It was very beautiful out though! I stopped again a little bit after the Rough River Dam and got a burger at the family restaurant and restocked on other food at the store in town.

Rough River Dam Rough River Dam

I continued on and passed by a few bikers toward the end of my ride and stopped to talk for a few minutes with each of them. It is fun seeing cyclists who are on the beginning portion of their journey while I get closer and closer to the end. I ended up at the fire station in White Mills. Dan, one of the volunteer firefighters who lives just across the street from the station let me in. The facility has a nice kitchen and bathrooms with a shower as well and is also air conditioned - the best part!

A couple hours after settling down in the fire station, a couple other cyclists showed up as well. They were traveling from Virginia and bringing a LOT of stuff with them. They are clearly not in any rush to cover distance either. We made food and hung around and set up for the night.

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