Day 52

A Quick Ferry To Kentucky

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-11
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Ride Date: 2016-07-11
Starting Location: Tunnel Hill, IL
Ending Location: Marion, KY
Miles: 69
Lowest Elevation: 325
Highest Elevation: 758

I got up this morning and had breakfast and a few more conversations with Alan before heading on my way. For the first 4 miles I retraced my steps (pedals) from yesterday. It was definitely worth it to go back the few miles for a WarmShowers host though rather than staying in a campground.

It got hot really quick this morning and stayed that way for most of the day. There are still plenty of hills in my riding but they aren't quite as steep or frequent as the ones in the Ozarks in Missouri. I once again rode for about 3 miles in the wrong direction when I passed by Eddyville. Sometimes I just get into a groove and don't pay enough attention to the maps. I got myself back on track and headed towards the Ohio River.

This hill was fun :) '

I rode by the Ohio River for a while on the Illinois side before getting to Cave in Rock where I stopped for a quick meal. Then I had to take a quick ferry ride across the Ohio river to get into Kentucky. Once I was in Kentucky I road on highway 91 for 12 miles to get into Marion where I would have a host for the night. I was lucky to get a host in this city - there aren't any on WarmShowers. Jen Bradbury, a family friend and also the author of Shift (the book that planted this cross country idea in my head), has an uncle that lives out in Marion and was able to set me up to stay with him for the night.

I had to ride 3.5 miles West off track to get out to Tom's place but again I think it is always worth it when there is a bed and meal provided! I was greeted by Tom at his beautiful home and took a shower shortly after. When I was all cleaned up we dished up for dinner and sat down and enjoyed our meal and then some delicious cake. After eating I relaxed and watched some TV while writing up the blogs for the past few days.

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