Day 51

WarmShowers Beats A Campground

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-11
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Ride Date: 2016-07-10
Starting Location: Chester, IL
Ending Location: Tunnel Hill, IL
Miles: 79
Lowest Elevation: 335
Highest Elevation: 781

Ves, Zory, and I got up pretty early in the morning, but I was the only one on the road at a decent time. They usually take things slower in the morning than I do, usually not getting on the road until 9. Personally I couldn't do that at this point, it's just too hot and humid to not get the early miles in in the morning!

The sun was out early this morning and it got hot fairly quick. I started the morning with a nice ride pretty close to the Mississippi River. I stopped in at Murphysboro for a second breakfast after about 33 miles and then continued on. After Murphysboro I accidentally took a wrong road and went a little off track - but not too far. I accidentally went into the city of Carbondale which was really only a mile or two off track but I got to go on a nice ride through Southern Illinois University so it wasn't bad at all!

After Carbondale I rode by Little Grassy Lake for a bit, followed by Devils Kitchen Lake. Both lakes were very pleasant to cycle by. After Devils Kitchen Lake I was on a very nice road that was hardly traveled by anyone else. I felt like I was alone out there and it was very peaceful! Eventually I made it into Goreville where I stocked up on groceries before continuing.

I rode until about 3.5 miles past Tunnel Hill where there was the Cedar Lake Campground. When I got to the campground the office was closed, so I decided to just go all the way back to one of the back sites that I had seen from the road. I layed down on the table for a while to cool down then noticed that I had received a message from the WarmShowers host in Tunnel Hill that I had reached out to yesterday. I sent him a message back and waited for a response. It was taking a while but while I was setting up my tent my phone went off and I got the okay to come by. So I packed up my stuff and backtracked the road backt o Tunnel Hill.

I spent the night with a WarmShowers host Alan. He built his home with his wife and son 30 some years ago and they live on 70+ acres. He made us some nice dinner then we hung out around the couches and watched a movie before I went to bed.

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