Day 50

A Real Bunk House!

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-11
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Ride Date: 2016-07-09
Starting Location: Johnsons Shut-Ins, MO
Ending Location: Chester, IL
Miles: 81
Lowest Elevation: 358
Highest Elevation: 1404

It was a pretty nice temperature over the night. There was no storm, it was less humid, and I even got into my sleeping bag for a portion of the night. I got up and had breakfast then headed out of the state park campground and on my way for Chester, IL.

This was nice to see!

The day started out with great weather. It was kind of overcast but there was no rain at all, so it was a perfect temperature for riding. I stopped for a second breakfast when I got into Farmington. By the time I was done and on the road again it was hot outside again. I managed to make it pretty much the whole rest of the day without having to stop to eat.

At the end of the day I crossed over the Mississippi River into Illinois. I came into Chester, IL which is apparently the home of popeye. I rode into town to the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, a place on my map that said they host cyclists - though I lost my map earlier in the day when I accidentaly threw it away with the Johnsons Shut-Ins state park info. Luckily I remembered the name of the place and was able to find it using google.

When I got to the FOE I went in to a bar area and asked where the bikers stay. A lady gave me a set of keys and showed me where the bike hostel area and bathroom and shower was. She also said that a couple cyclists had just showed up right before me. I went down to the little shack/hostel area that I would be staying at and I met Ves and Zory, a Bulgarian couple who live in Toronto but recently left their jobs so they could cycle all the way across the US and down to Central and South America.

I brought my stuff in off my bike and set up in a bunk then took a rest for a little while. After a bit of rest I decided that it was time for dinner. I went to the Mexican restaurant in town for food, then Ves and I went to the grocery store to get some things and beers for the night. For the rest of the night I enjoyed good conversation with Ves and Zory and got to bed at a decent time.

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