Day 47

Return To The Hot And Humid

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-07
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Ride Date: 2016-07-06
Starting Location: Springfield, MO
Ending Location: Hartville, MO
Miles: 59
Lowest Elevation: 1145
Highest Elevation: 1670

Dale and I got up early and ate breakfast and were ready by the time we planned, however the weather wasn't in our favor. We checked and saw that there was going to be severe thunderstorms on our route so we decided to wait until the storms came and passed and then we would leave. I'm very glad that we did this, because when the storms came through in POURED down rain. I also didn't mind the extra couple hours of rest!

Riding by a solar farm

It was a bit after ten when it cleared up enough and we finally got on the road. Dale decided that he would ride with me til Marshfield - about 30 miles - and then turn back home. It was a very pleasant ride to Marshfield. Dale knew the whole way there on good roads for bikes so we never had to check a map or phone. We got to Marshfield and had some lunch at Subway and enjoyed our last minutes together. It was hard saying goodbye to such an incredible host who did so much for me, though I know it was harder for him to say goodbye because he wanted to join me on my adventure.


The rest of the day was pretty hot and humid, and the big rolling hills were back to stay. I got into Hartville around 4 and rode into the city park where I met another biker who was traveling with his sister and mother in a car with his gear. We talked for a while and I made some food and layed around for most of the rest of the night. I ended up passing out really early - probably due to a lack of sleep on my trip back home.

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