Day 42

Roller Coaster Hills

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-02
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Ride Date: 2016-07-01
Starting Location: Lockwood, MO
Ending Location: Springfield, MO
Miles: 55
Lowest Elevation: 922
Highest Elevation: 1312

I woke up to the sweet smell of bacon - definitely the best way to wake up in the morning. I walked out to the kitchen to see that Luke had a nice big breakfast meal all prepared for me. He made me eggs, bacon, and french toast, and also made sure that I was fed very well before leaving. After I ate I packed up all of my stuff and headed on my way to Springfield.

Bath time

Today's ride was much more hilly. I was starting to get into the rollercoaster roads that I had been told about by the cyclists heading West. As I was riding through the hills I caught up to a cyclist who was going very slow on the uphills. He was a part of the Transamerica Race and had started in Astoria on the 4th of June and was traveling very light just like the other racers I have seen. He said that the next person ahead of him was about 300 miles away and he didn't think that he had any chance to catch him - I told him that it was possible if he believed he could do it (though he definitely didn't believe he could).

I rode with this guy kind of on and off for a while. He would always pick up more speed on the downhills but wouldn't keep his momentum for the uphills. We had a few conversations as we continued down the roads but eventually I decided to push on ahead past him as fast as I could on one of the big hills and he wasn't ever able to catch up. Normally I really enjoy riding with another person, but this guy was kind of a negative nancy and was totally killing my vibe.

Roller coaster roads! If you look closely you can see the pesimistic TransAm racer climbing the hill in the distance There are tons of fields like this with hay bales all over!

When I got into Ash Grove - about 20 miles out of Springfield - I stopped to make myself a quick lunch and then continued on. The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful. When I got into Springfield there was quite a bit more traffic to deal with. Dale, my WarmShowers host in Springfield was busy with a client when I got into town (He is a massage therapist). So I decided to head to a coffee shop for a bit to waste some time and told him I would arrive in between his next appointment.

I arrived at Dale's place right as he got there. He was happy that I got there right when I said I would, because he had another client to take care of shortly after. He gave me a quick tour of his place and made sure that I felt comfortable and at home, then he headed back to his office for another couple hours to finish his day of work. I took a quick shower and then layed down on the bed and passed out in a heartbeat. I didn't wake up until Dale returned - it was a very nice nap!

When Dale returned he took me out to the Rib Crib where we enjoyed a very nice meal and got to know each other a bit better. Dale is a wonderful guy to talk to! After dinner we returned to his place and spent a little time admiring each other's bikes. Dale's setup is pretty unique. He has more lights on his bike than any other setup have ever seen! He jokes that his bike looks kind of like a Christmas tree when all the lights are on. Later on in the night when it was darker, he turned on all the lights on his bike and gave me a demo of what it looks like while he rides at night. There is no question that he will be seen on the road!

Dale riding with all of his lights on

The rest of the night Dale and I sat out in the living room talking and exchanging stories. It was very pleasant conversation. Eventually we reached a point where we decided that it was time for bed!

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