Day 41

Missouri Welcomes You

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-07-02
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Ride Date: 2016-06-30
Starting Location: Pittsburg, KS
Ending Location: Lockwood, MO
Miles: 44
Lowest Elevation: 896
Highest Elevation: 1086

I decided that I would take the morning slow and enjoy sleeping on a comfortable surface. It was kind of weird getting ready in the morning without Joop! I slowly got all of my stuff ready to go, then made breakfast upstairs. As I was packing up my bike to get ready to go, John and Emerson arrived in John's work van. They were making a quick stop in for breakfast then back to work. We said our goodbyes and I thanked them for everything that they did for me, then I was off on the road for Lockwood, Missouri.

It wasn't too long before I crossed the border into Missouri - only a few miles. It's pretty crazy how much different things are between Kansas and Missouri. Missouri has a lot more trees, more hills, and is also a lot more humid. I also noticed that there was more corn being grown rather than wheat/grain - and the corn was very tall!

There wasn't really anything too notable on my ride over to Lockwood, however I did notice that I would slow myself down a lot more often than when I was with Joop - Not because it was hard to keep myself going, but because I was enjoying the scenery around me rather than focusing on just riding quickly the whole time.

A few miles before Lockwood I stopped in at Golden City at Cooky's Cafe which I had heard about from a few cyclists passing by a few days earlier. Joop and I were told that this place had the best pies ever. I ordered a blackberry pie with a scoop of ice cream on top - it was some of the best pie I have ever had in my life.

When I got to Lockwood I headed to the WarmShowers address that I would be staying at. I was greeted by Luke and his 10 week old puppy, Finnick. Luke is a music teacher for K-12 in Lockwood and is only 25 years old (I'm pretty sure). He is definitely the youngest WarmShowers host that I have had so far. It was kind of nice to see someone close to my age hosting cyclists. He actually hasn't done any adventure cycling himself, but he was told about WarmShowers by one of his CouchSurfing guests and decided to make an account because he enjoys hosting people - so awesome!

Luke gave me a quick tour of the place and showed me my room where I would be sleeping. I then took a shower and got all cleaned up. Even though today wasn't a very difficult day, riding in the humidity made me feel pretty gross by the time that I got to Luke's place. After I was all cleaned up and settled in, Luke took me for a drive around Lockwood to give me a quick tour of the town. We then returned to his house and watched a movie and kind of chilled out for a bit before driving up to Walmart a bit away in Lamar.

After returning to his place, Luke and I went to the next town over to get some burgers at a cafe called "That Place". I got the throne burger, which had two patties and was smothered in chili and nacho cheese and jalepenos. They serve it witha fork and knife because it is so messy that you can't eat it any other way. It was a delicious mess.

On our way back to Lockwood Luke received a message from one of his teacher friends, so we decided to go meet up with them at their kid's softball game. I was introduced to a few people and saw how small the town really was. Most all of the kids at the game knew Luke, and they all called him Mr. Mckinney. I asked him if he thought it was weird to be called Mr. Mckinney but he said that he is used to it by now. We stayed after the game for a while to chat with his friends before returning home and heading to bed.

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