Day 4

No Rain!

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-05-24
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Ride Date: 2016-05-24
Starting Location: Winthrop, WA
Ending Location: Tonasket, WA
Miles: 72
Lowest Elevation: 827
Highest Elevation: 4020

It sure is a whole lot easier waking up in the morning when there's not a drop of rain on your tent. I got a much earlier start to this day, but until after I enjoyed another meal with my new friends!

George and Patty were nice enough to offer me breakfast in the morning. They gave me some coffee, and then we enjoyed some fresh eggs from Patty's hens, along with some of her home baked bread and homemade apricot jam! Everything was so delicious, and it was really cool knowing where all of the food came from. It was pretty easy to notice a pattern in these two. They really enjoy making and building things themselves, which I admire a lot. I really hope that I get the opportunity to reconnect with them again someday and share my stories about the rest of my tour!

After breakfast I packed up my (dry) camp and headed out to continue on East. It was a beautiful morning and made for a very pleasant ride – a much better start than every other day on this trip so far. I had about 8 miles to ride to make it to Twisp, then shortly after I began my ascent up Loup Loup Pass (4020 ft).

At the top of Loup Loup Pass.

Although Loup Loup Pass was another challenge to climb, I found that it was considerably less difficult than Washington Pass. It was a much more gradual climb, and it also helped that I wasn't being rained on the entire time. I couldn't help but keep a huge smile on my face from cheek to cheek while riding down Loup Loup Pass. The great weather and beautiful views were exactly what I had set out on this trip for, and the downhill made it just that much more enjoyable!

Decent view part of the way down Loup Loup Pass.

The route continued mostly downhill until I got into Okanogan. The 5 miles before getting into Okanogan was probably my favorite part of the descent. It was so pretty that I forgot to stop to take pictures! It's hard to want to stop when I'm going fast downhill.

These signs are my new best friend.

The rest of the day was really hot. I passed through Okanogan, Omak, and Riverside before eventually making my way to Tonasket, where I have set up my tent at a cyclists-only camp just behind the visitor's center in town. After I got my tent set up, I rode my bike a few blocks down the road where I was able to pay for a warm shower. I then grabbed some dinner for the night and headed back for the night to prepare for the next day's ride.

Camping behind the visitors center - camping for cyclists only.

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