Day 39

My Last Full Day With Joop

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-28
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Ride Date: 2016-06-28
Starting Location: Eureka, KS
Ending Location: Walnut, KS
Miles: 100
Lowest Elevation: 886
Highest Elevation: 1138

We had another century day today! This makes the 3rd 100+ mile day - almost 4th but one day was 99 miles. Joop and I woke up and made some eggs, toast, cereal and coffee before heading out on the road. We started riding a little bit before 6:30.

It was a nice temperature out for the beginning part of the day. There were some areas around us that were getting rained/stormed on, but we were lucky enough to stay away from the rain all day. We made really good time in the morning. At one point we didn't even realize that we had ridden past one of the turns for the TransAm trail, but we were able to make our own way to get back on course.

Morning Sun Morning Sun

About 65 miles into our trek at around 10:30 we stopped in Chanute for our second breakfast. We were starting to get a bit weak as we arrived so it was good that we got some more food/energy in us. We each go some pancakes and coffee and I got a little bit of bacon as well, then we continued on again.

By Chanute

We've been getting into some gradually hilly riding again, and the wind is still a factor though not as strong as the open flat lands in Western Kansas. We stopped at the city park in Walnut, KS for a very short break to catch our breath and prepare for the last 8 miles to get to the church that we had been told about by a few cyclists. It was starting to get pretty hot out again at this point.

We got to the church past Walnut and walked into a nice air conditioned building. We were showed all of the food in the kitchen and told that we could have anything we liked that wasn't marked for an event. We ate some sandwiches and various snacks and had soem cold drinks to cool down. Then we got changed into some normal clothes and set up our area in one of the back rooms. I took a short nap for a while before we got ready to start making some dinner. Joop and I were able to throw together a really nice meal with all of the stuff that we had available in the kitchen! It's so nice that the church just allows cyclists to eat their food.

After eating we cleaned up after ourselves to make sure it looked as clean as when we got there. While relaxing on our laptops a couple of other cyclists showed up to the church. They came from Pittsburg, KS which was only 27 miles away, though they didn't start until very late in the day. After some short conversation I decided to finally write up the blog for yesterday and today. Then Joop and I cracked open our beers that we got from the store earlier to celebrate another century ride.

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