Day 35

Second Century!

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-25
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Ride Date: 2016-06-24
Starting Location: Dighton, KS
Ending Location: Larned, KS
Miles: 100
Lowest Elevation: 1988
Highest Elevation: 2766

I didn't sleep too well over the night. Some cyclists came rolling in around 9:30 when Joop and I were off to bed. They decided to set up right next to Joop's tent under the pavilion and then proceeded to make a lot of noise fixing their bikes and making food. I couldn't sleep with all the noise so I talked to them for a little bit then put in headphones to try to tune it out. Later in the night I also had to pull the rainfly the rest of the way over my tent as there was a thunderstorm passing by. It never did rain on me though!

Joop and I made breakfast and were on the road around 6:45. There really isn't too much to say about today. It was just hot and windy again! We had a cross wind from the South to slow us down a bit.

One thing that I thought was pretty funny in the morning was a man in a truck who had to wait for maybe 5 seconds for an oncoming car to drive by before he could pass us. Joop and I were using each other to shield the wind and there also was hardly any shoulder so we were in the road a bit. When he drove by he yelled out at me "Single file you dumbass!!" I felt kind of bad for him. Not because we held him up for five seconds, but because his patience was so little that he couldn't wait those few seconds without having to yell something at us. I couldn't help but bust out laughing as he passed.

After a little more than 60 miles we reached Rush Center where we stopped at a park to make our lunch. While we were there, a very loud siren went off at the building next to us. We weren't sure if it was for a tornado warning, a fire, or just a siren to indicate that it was noon. From Rush Center we had to go south for 20 miles and face the tough headwinds which was very tiring. From there we had about 10 miles to Larned.

Just before getting to Larned, we stopped in briefly at Fort Larned because it was just off the road. There was a Naturalization Ceremony going on in one of the buildings there. This was the very first ceremony that had been held here at the fort. We were very lucky to have come on this day, because when we got there we were offered cake, cookies, lemonade and tea. It was a very nice and refreshing stop, and the fort was pretty cool as well!

We got into Larned and went to check out the City Park that we would be staying at. By the city park there was a nice big pool, where cyclists are able to get in for free and also use the showers. We decided not to swim today, but we took showers to clean ourselves off. Afterwards we headed for the laundromat to get some clothes cleaned. We then went to check in with the Sheriff to let them know we would be in the park for the night - They have you check in with them so that they do extra patroling to make sure that nobody bothers us. After checking in with the police we went to search for something to eat.

We went into a chinese food restaurant with hopes that there would be a buffet - and there was! We each enjoyed three plates of food, and a few cups of ice cream. It was an awesome meal to end our day, and it was cheap as well! After eating we headed back down to the park to set up our tents and relax wind down for the day. A bit later a group of three cyclists showed up to join us. They were traveling much lighter though, because they had someone driving along in a car with them. They went to the bar to treat their driver to a drink. Joop and I each got a big beer for ourselves from the grocery store and enjoyed them at the park before going to bed for the night.

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