Day 34


Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-23
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Ride Date: 2016-06-23
Starting Location: Leoti, KS
Ending Location: Dighton, KS
Miles: 44
Lowest Elevation: 2766
Highest Elevation: 3301

Today was fairly uneventful, and a pretty short ride. We had a headwind coming from the East all day so we decided that we would stop in Dighton after about a 50 mile ride, since the next closest city with any services was Ness City 30 miles away. We didn't want to fight the wind for that long and tire ourselves out too much.

Joop and I slept in a bit more than we have been, and hit the road by 7:30 (yes, that is sleeping in for us now). We enjoyed ice cream with breakfast again since we got a whole tub the night before. Luckily it wasn't too hot out today at all. We even caught some rain drops later on in the day. It was nice to have a day without blazing sun, especially after getting sunburnt from not wearing my shirt for the majority of the past two days - oops.

Not much different than yesterday! Not much different than yesterday!

We stopped in at Scott City which was our halfway point, and went to the dollar store. We keep being told that there are a lot of pools in Kansas, so I went in to get a cheap swimsuit. I also looked for a hat to replace my Patagonia one that I lost on the Santa Fe Trail a few days back, but all they had were Kansas University hats and I refused to buy one of those! We then stopped at Daylight Donuts for a donut and coffee before continuing on to battle more headwinds.

With the headwinds Joop and I were able to draft off of each other a little bit better than with the crosswinds the day before, though we went pretty slow with the headwinds. There was a lot more of flat and boring going on. We saw a few people out on tractors cutting grass, and also some others harvesting the big fields of grain with big combines. We also passed by a couple of cyclists - a couple from New Zealand. They were on the TransAm race and said they were the last racers to be coming from the East.

We got into Dighton a bit after 12:30, and checked out the city park that we would be staying at. We ate our lunch under the pavilion, then headed for the pool located right in the city park. They offer free swimming and showers to cyclists - lucky us! We swam in the pool for a short bit then got cleaned off and headed to the library so we could hang out in the air conditioning and write our blogs. After writing out or blogs and hanging around in the library for a while, we headed to the grocery store then back to the city park to start making dinner and setting up our camp for the night.

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