Day 33

A Brutally Windy and Boring Ride Into Kansas

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-23
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Ride Date: 2016-06-22
Starting Location: Eads, CO
Ending Location: Leoti, KS
Miles: 80
Lowest Elevation: 3301
Highest Elevation: 4216

Joop and I got up this morning early enough to be out of the church a little bit after 6AM. The beginning of the day was very nice, though that did not last long. After about the first hour or so, we starting facing some very unfavorable crosswinds coming from North Northeast. When we checked the weather report the day before, it said that the winds would be 18mph, though they were consistantly atleast 30mph with gusts that were faster.

We stopped in Sheridan Lake for our second breakfast, but were disappointed to find out that the store in town didn't make pancakes. We got a nice big pizza instead! While we were in the store I talked briefly to a couple of cyclists doing the TransAm race heading West, they were filling their water bottles. I was also able to finally get the adapter for my bike tube so that I can use my gauge to read the pressure so I can keep my tires pumped to the right level all the time now, not just when we stop in at bike shops.

There wasn't much to take photos of on this day, everything was mostly flat and boring - though it was cool how far out you could see. We could always see the next town coming up when we were almost 10 miles away from it. We crossed into Kansas shortly after going through Towner, CO. We stopped for lunch and water refills at a nice stop in Tribune, then continued on.

Grain fields for days The endless road... Crossing into a new timezone!

We passed more that 10 cyclists today, all heading West. One set, a couple from South Carolina, was doing the TransAm trail on a tandem bicycle. There was also a group that included a couple of brothers from Holland. Joop really liked the opportunity to speak Dutch to some other cyclists. I was warned about dogs in Kentucky by one of the cyclists, and I have heard this a few times. He even gave me his pepper spray - he said he had to use it a couple of times. I hope that I don't have to!

We fought the very tough wind all the way to Leoti. Usually we take turns shielding each other from the wind, but today it was so powerful and at such a bad angle that it was tough to catch any draft off of each other. When we got into Leoti to our WarmShowers address, Sarah let us into her house. She is doing a lot of renovating, so there were many parts of the house that weren't finished. That didn't matter though, we were just happy to have a place away from the hot sun!

Joop and I went to the store for groceries and came back to eat dinner, write blogs, and relax. We also patched up all of our tubes, since he got a flat earlier in the day and also a small leak at the end. I finally repaired my flat from the first few days, and also the one from yesterdays ride. We talked to Sarah for a while later in the night after she woke up from her nap. She had to leave for Atlanta late at night but was still kind enough to let us crash at her place! It's very nice to have people who are willing to do this for us cyclists!

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