Day 32

Our First Century Ride Day

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-21
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Ride Date: 2016-06-21
Starting Location: Pueblo, CO
Ending Location: Eads, CO
Miles: 114
Lowest Elevation: 4203
Highest Elevation: 4741

Today Joop and I made our first century ride of the trip, meaning we rode more than 100 miles in a day! It was incredibly hot, but we got up very early to try to beat the heat. We left Mikes place around 5:30, though we didn't get very far before we realized that my front tire was flat. It was kind of funny because I said yesterday that I should probably check my tires to make sure I didn't have any punctures since Joop had just replaced a tube the day before. With Joop's experience of doing it so many times, we were able to get my tube replaced and back on the road within 15 minutes!

The ride today was pretty damn boring in terms of scenery, there wasn't much to look at at all. It was also mostly all flat! About 15 miles or so away from Ordway we encountered a couple of women riding the TransAm West, so we talked to them for a few minutes before continuing on. We were able to get to Ordway (about 50 miles) by 9AM, so we decided that we would continue on to Haswell which was another 40 miles or so. Before leaving Ordway we stopped in at the restaurant for some pancakes and coffee - our second breakfast!

We didn't see much of anything, but we did pass a couple of prisons!

We reached Haswell by noon. Ninety miles by noon - not bad at all! In Haswell we took a break for a quick lunch and decided that we would continue even further to make it to Eads where there was a city park we could stay at. On our way out of Haswell we stopped to talk to a couple more cyclists who were heading West for Ordway, so of course we had some conversation with them for a few minutes before we were on our way.

Haswell City Park Haswell City Park I kind of just started to take pictures of anything since there was so much NOTHING today

On our way to Eads, we reached over 100 miles marking our first century ride. Joop also checked his bike computer and saw that it was reading at 45 degrees celsius which is about 113 fahrenheit. It may have been because it was in the sun, but regardless it was still VERY hot.

When we got to Eads, we went into the library where we were able to cool off in the air conditioning and use their wifi. We relaxed in the library for almost two hours before finally deciding to head over to the pool where we were told we could get a shower. We got to the pool and paid $3 for entry fee, though we were ony going to use the shower. The shower was pretty sketchy and not really worth 3 dollars, but it still felt great to clean off at the end of a very hot day - though it was still 100+ degrees outside.

Joop took this shot of me shortly after reaching the century mark!

After our showers we started heading back towards the city park, but we noticed that we passed by two churches on our way to the pool. We decided that we would at least give it a shot to ask one of the churches if we could stay there to get out of the heat. We went into one of the churches and talked to the pastor, Russel. He said that they normally don't allow people to stay in the church but he would let us stay since it was so hot outside - we were VERY grateful. He had us bring out bikes inside so they wouldn't draw attention, then showed us a room in the basement for us to sleep in where it would be much cooler than upstairs.

We set up our sleeping pads in the room, then headed back upstairs to the tables so we could each write up our blogs for the day before making some dinner. While we were eating dinner, Russel returned to have a nice conversation with us and was very interested to hear about our story. After a while he was called by his youngest son who wanted to be let into the gym at the school - Russel is also a basketball coach here. He said a short prayer for us and then left us for the night. I then called a WarmShowers host to secure a place for us to stay tomorrow, and we relaxed for a bit before preparing for bed.

Joop making some dinner Homemade pasta for my dinner! Yummy

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