Day 29 - Rest Day

A Relaxing Day In Denver

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-20
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Ride Date: 2016-06-18
Starting Location: Denver, CO
Ending Location: Denver, CO
Miles: 0
Lowest Elevation: 5280
Highest Elevation: 5280

Today was a nice and relaxing rest day in Denver. I slept wonderfully in Kelly and Danny's guest bedroom. In the morning we had coffee and bacon and eggs and then Kelly and Danny did some yardwork while I wrote up the blogs for my ride through Rocky Mountain National Park - which took forever because there were so many pictures!

After writing the blog I read my book for a little bit and just relaxed around the house. Danny used to be a bike mechanic at a bike shop so he helped me with a quick tune up on my bike and made sure that everything looked good. I then decided that I would clean my bike off for the first time even though it was bound to get dirty again within the next few days.

Around 1 Kelly and baby Riley went to the pool, so Danny took me in to Denver to check out part of the city. We rode the lightrail to get into the city and then then went to a bike shop that his buddy works at. He was getting lunch so we met him at Anthony's Pizza and talked for a bit. We then walked back to the bike shop, and then Danny and I went to walk around Denver a little more.

We walked over to the REI and spent some time wandering around the store, and I got a few more things for my bike/clothing including another water bottle carrier and water bottle, because I had recently discovered that I had space for a third water bottle holder on the bottom side of my bike. I was also going to look for a water bladder but Danny said that he had multiple Camelbak bladders and that I could have one of them.

After REI we walked back toward the lightrail and headed back home. When we got back, I started to write up the blog for my ride into Denver the day before and Danny cleaned out a 100oz Camelback bladder that he would send me off with.

A bit later Kelly, Danny, Riley and I went out for dinner. We were originally headed for a Mexican restaurant until we saw that there was a line going out the door, so we decided to go to a wood fired pizza restaurant that they liked. After dinner we went to Target and I got groceries/produce for the next couple days, then we returned home.

It was pretty late by the time we got back so we just relaxed for a while before heading to bed.

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