Day 20

On To The Ghost Town

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-09
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Ride Date: 2016-06-09
Starting Location: Lander, WY
Ending Location: Jeffery City, WY
Miles: 58
Lowest Elevation: 5331
Highest Elevation: 6785

I started my day out nice and early again. I was all packed up and filled with oatmeal and ready to ride by 7:30. I faced headwinds for most of the day and had a fairly uneventful ride. I found that I was surrounded by a lot of rolling hills most of the time, though sometimes there would be cool colors and layering in the land.

I didn't realize that I wouldn't be going through any towns that had any services to offer for the entire day, and I had forgotten to go to the grocery store in Lander the night before. This made for an interesting day of riding. I had to ration myself on my food, and even my water as well since I wouldn't be able to fill that until I made it to the rest stop at Sweetwater Station which was 40 miles into my ride.

While I was filling up my water bottles at the rest stop, I was approached by Robyn Pettinger, a nutritionalist and distributor for AdvoCare. She told me about how she had camped next to a guy from Holland last night at the KOA in Dubois who was doing the TransAm trail as well. Turns out she was talking about Joop! I was happy to hear that he was doing well and only one day's ride behind me. Robyn ran out to her car and came back to give me a few packets of electrolyte and vitamin boosters that my body needed since I sweat so much during the day. I gladly accepted them, then wrote down my blog for her so she could folllow it. She seemed really excited about mine and Joop's trip. I love meeting people who want to hear about and support my adventure. She then took my picture, and went on her way.

I then had lunch at the rest stop and continued on my way to Jeffrey City where I would be heading for a church that I was told about by a few of the bikers passing by. When I eventually got into Jeffrey City it was very obvious that hardly anybody lived there anymore. With a population of just 38, this place is a ghost town. I went into the only cafe/bar and asked about the church. I was directed to the church, though I ended up having a hard time finding it. That's because it was off a little bit to the side of the town, though it was by far the nicest looking building in the area.

Young antelope as approching the church

I approached the church and went around back where I found a sign welcoming bikers to stay. I opened the door and could immediately feel the wonderful temperature difference. They like to keep it nice and cool inside the church which felt absolutely amazing after a days ride. I came into a big open gymnasium/garage type area, and explored the available space. There wre a few rooms with not much in them, but also a nice hot shower and kitchen available for me to use. I picked out a room and set up all of my stuff and got in the shower. After my shower I started to sit down and upload pictures and try to finally catch up on all of my blogs.

Welcome sign Gym area Wall of guests! Kitchen area My room My room Decided to answer this person's question. Don't know why, but I've remembered this conversion ever since chemistry in high shool!

While working on my blogs I heard the door to the gym area open. I walked out there to see who it was. A man was unloading goods from his truck, so I offered to help. He had lots of water bottles, paper towels, utencils, plates, etc. for stocking up the kitchen area for bikers to use. After unloading everything we introduced ourselves and began chatting. Rick runs the church here and has been offering a place for cyclists to stay for the past few years. He loves doing it because he gets to meet tons of amazing people, and because there is really no other option for camping or lodging between Lander and Rawlins. WE ended up sitting down and talking for atleast an hour about our previous work, my adventure, areas in the country that we like, etc. It was a very enjoyable conversation. I always love talking to people who genuinely love to help others.

After talking with Rick, I returned to finish the blog for day 18 then headed to the cafe/bar. It was a very interesting scene. Everyone that came in to the bar had a cowboy hat on and the full get up. I felt like I was in a western film. It was pretty interesting to listen in to the conversations, though I had a hard time picking up on a lot of their rancher lingo. I ordered a burger and beer and chatted with an older man named Travis. We talked for a while about our lifestyle differences and of course about my bike trip. It was kind of fun to share how much different our lives were from each other.

I finished up my burger and headed back to the church, where I finished writing out all of the blogs to get all caught up, then got prepared for the next day and headed off to bed.

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