Day 2

Elevation, and More Rain

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-05-24
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Ride Date: 2016-05-22
Starting Location: Marblemount, WA
Ending Location: Easy Pass Trailhead
Miles: 45
Lowest Elevation: 348
Highest Elevation: 3848

Day two started off fairly slow. It was hard to want to get out of my tent while it was still raining outside. Eventually after sleeping in for a while, I got out of my tent to pack everything up and make some breakfast. Packing up a wet camp didn't exactly put me in the greatest mood to start the day but nonetheless I was on my way with a late start.

After passing through Newhalem, the rest of the day was really tough as I had a lot of elevation to climb. My legs were definitely not used to this kind of continuous elevation gain but I made sure to take breaks more frequently and stretch my legs out a bit.

Crossing Diablo Lake

My Dad met me for lunch a little bit passed Diablo. It sure was great to have him bring me out lunch, drinks, and snacks to keep me going. I was riding through an area where there wouldn't be any place to stop for food for about 50 miles. He also brought me a tarp to put under my tent since I had realized the night before that I left my tent footprint back at home somewhere.

Climbing up the mountains gave me some nice views over Diablo Lake. It was kind of difficult to enjoy the rest of the scenery around me as most of the mountains were covered by the clouds.

Overlook of Diablo Lake

Once again I was forced to set up camp in the rain. I made it a bit past Easy Pass Creek, part of the way up Rainy Pass. I was lucky enough to find some softer ground for this night, although it still wasn't an ideal spot to camp. Once again, I got into my sleeping back and it was pretty much lights out.

Camp for the night.

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