Day 19

4 Cyclists in One Day!

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-09
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Ride Date: 2016-06-08
Starting Location: Dubois, WY
Ending Location: Lander, WY
Miles: 74
Lowest Elevation: 5354
Highest Elevation: 6939

I got up fairly early again and got everything ready and ate breakfast while I waited for the post office to open at 7:45 so that I could send home my box of things I didn't need. After I mailed the package I returned to the church to get all of my panniers and headed on my way.

Leaving Dubois was very pretty. The red rock surrounded me looked so cool in the morning. Luckily I had a mostly downhill ride to get into Lander, with the exception of a few hills - one being fairly steep and long. About 30 miles out of Dubois I stopped at a convenience store in Crowheart, where I got a few snacks and also sat down to eat my lunch. A few minutes into eating my lunch, and young cyclist named Harrison came and sat by me. He was traveling West from somewhere in Colorado to Eugene, Oregon. We chatted for a while about cycling and backpacking. He has backpacked for over 2000 miles consecutively before, lasting 5 months. He said that I was the first american that he has run into so far on his trip. He also said that I'd have tailwinds today since he was facing headwinds, the worst that he has had so far on his tour. This did not end up being the case, because I faced headwinds for just about the entire rest of the day...

A few more miles down the road after leaving Crowheart I ran into another cyclist, Anthony. Anthony was an Australian, doing a huge loop and had started in San Fransisco. We had a friendly chat for a bit on the side of the road about the joys of touring and then wished eachother safe travels.

Crowheart Butte

About an hour after speaking with Anthony, I ran into another cyclist, Peter. Peter was from France, and was doing the full TransAm trail from East to West. He was very friendly and super excited to talk with me. I love how every cyclist that I run into is so excited to see a fellow traveler. I think we all just enjoy sharing our experiences and hearing the experiences of others. It is also a common thing to share lodging and road information for the next few towns. Everyone just wants to help each other out and make each other's experiences better!

Trying to outrun this downpour Looks so crazy!

When I got into Lander, I headed for the city park where I would be camping for the night. The city park had amazing grass for camping, and it was all free! There were a few more tents set up spread around, and more continued to show up throughout the day.

After I had my tent all set up, I headed off to the bike shop to get a few things that I needed. They were incredibly friendly and offered my an ice cream sandwich since I was riding the TransAm. I talked for a good 15 minutes with one of the employees about my trip and some other things.

I returned to the city park and began to make myself some pasta for dinner. While I was eating my dinner, a few older folks started showing up around the tables I was sitting by. It was a meeting for the Lions Club, who do things to benefit the community. They are largely focused on helping individuals with sight problems who don't have insurance or the ability to pay for expensive procedures. I had a good time talking with a few of them. They were all so excited to hear about my trip. Plus, they gave me a few really big and delicious cookies!

After dinner I headed over to the public pools so that I could take a shower and clean off the filth of the day. I then returned to my camp where I started to upload photos from the past few days and start writing up the blog for day 18. I noticed that there was another cyclist staying pretty close to me, so I decided to approach her for a chat.

Jenny, from Montreal, was on a 4-5 month tour and had her dog along with her. She had a little trailer that she towed behind her that her dog would sit it. She said that usually her dog would get out and walk whenever she had to climb up hills. We talked for a good while before I decided I would head back to my tent to finish up some of my work before getting some sleep.

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