Day 17

Enjoying My Favorite Mountain Range

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-09
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Ride Date: 2016-06-06
Starting Location: North Grand Teton National Park
Ending Location: Grand Teton National Park
Miles: 40
Lowest Elevation: 6453
Highest Elevation: 6982

Since my day was so long and ended very late the night before, I decided that I would take things slow in the morning. The Transamerica Trail doesn't go directly through the part of Grand Teton National Park that I wanted to see, so I made the decision to take a day to go further into the park and I would stay there for the night. A one day detour is well worth it when it's at the Tetons.

Morning view

I packed up my camp while I made breakfast and took time to enjoy the beautiful view over Jackson Lake. Once I was all ready to go I carried my panniers back up the hill then pushed my bike up and loaded it up and I was on my way.

I stopped at a picnic area not too far into my ride so I could have a snack since I had a fairly light breakfast. As I continued on, every once in a while I would round a corner to a new beautiful view of the Tetons. Every time I see them it's like the first time. I'm seriously in love with the Tetons mountain range.

Snack spot at the picnic area
An opening with a view of the Teton range
More straight on view
The view on the other side of the road. This didn't have my focus too often

A few miles down the road I came to the Jackson Lake Dam and Reservoir which offered such an incredible view of the mountains. The dam itself was also pretty cool!

Beautiful view from Jackson Lake Dam
Jackson Lake Dam
Looking beyond the dam

A few more miles past the damn I was on a road headed straight for the Tetons. I swear I was so happy I was crying a little bit. Along this road there were tons of turnouts, and I took pictures at just about every one. I won't bore everyone with all the repetitive pictures but I am really happy that I have them for myself to enjoy :)

Road to the Tetons :)
Mount Moran
Mount Moran

When I got to the South Jenny Lake Campground and saw that it was full, I decided to continue on to Moose to the visitors center to see if there was any camping around there. I had been to the Moose visitors center before when Harrison and I were at the park last year to go backpacking while on our roadtrip and I knew that Moose has the best view of the Tetons.

Chillin on the side of the trail<
Cascade Canyon Cascade Canyon

From South Jenny Lake to Moose there was a very nice seperated bike path. I decided to have lunch just off the trail it was such a great spot and I needed to eat something again. I got a lot of looks from the bikers on the path who were probably wondering why I had so many bags hanging from my bike.


When I got to the Moose visitors center, I asked Elizabeth if there was any camping around Moose. She first replied by telling me that she saw me on my way out of Yellowstone the day before while I was just a little South from Grant Village. She then told me that Jenny Lake and the other campgrounds north of Moose that I passed on my way down all had biker/hiker only campsites and that I should check them even if the campground was full because they biker sites usually don't fill. I was happy to hear this, so I filled up my water bottle then headed back to the South Jenny Lake Campground.

Little antelope on my way back to South Jenny Lake
Close up
Then there were more!

When I got to the campground and checked the biker/hiker camping it was completely empty except for one spot, but those people weren't even there at the time. I found the spot with the best view of the mountains and set up my tent. After my tent was set up and I changed out of my biking clothes, I went for a short ride down the trails around the campground and saw some incredible views of the mountains from Jenny Lake. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me since I took all of my gear off my bike. I decided that I would have to come back to take pictures later.

My campsite Different angle but not that different

When I returned to camp I went to the store by the campground to get some food for the night. Then, I sat down at the table to start writing out post cards and the blog post for the previous day which I knew would take forever since there were so many pictures. This didn't last long though, because soon a thunderstorm rolled in and I had to quickly gather all of my things and hide away in my tent. I continued to try to write out the blog but it was taking much longer than before. Laying down was probably the issue...

When the storm passed and I was sure it was over, I grabbed my camera to go on a walk to Jenny Lake for pictures. I took a few pictures from the first part of the trail that went to the lake, then decided that I should get on my bike to get over to the other area I was at before. I never did make it back to take more photos of Jenny Lake though.

Beautiful view from Jenny Lake

When I got back to my camp, the hikers in the other campsite were returning and starting to make a fire. I started making my food and shortly thereafter was joind by a canadian cyclist, Eddy who was just rolling into the camp. Eddy and I had lots of conversations while I watched him make a huge pasta to himself that looked absolutely amazing. Eddy is the youngest cyclist that I have ran into so far on this trip, everyone else seems to be 50+, yet he was probably just a few years older than me. Like me this is his first biking tour, and he started with hardly any training at all. He is riding from Flagstaff, AZ to Glacier National Park in Montana where his girlfriend will pick him up to take him back home to Banff in Canada. He also has his backpack with him and is taking time to do backpacking along his trip as well. It was really fun to talk and laugh with someone close to my age again. Before we knew it, it was time for us to head to bed because it was getting late and finally starting to get dark out.

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