Day 15

Beautiful Day And A Nice Room

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-05
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Ride Date: 2016-06-04
Starting Location: Ennis, MT
Ending Location: West Yellowstone, MT
Miles: 74
Lowest Elevation: 4951
Highest Elevation: 7051

I woke up pretty early this morning and starting getting my stuff packed up. Although it didn't rain overnight, my tent was a little wet from the morning dew so I set it out in the sun to dry as I packed everything else up and ate breakfast. Once I got everything all packed away I headed back towards town to refill my waters at the rest stop and then I was on my way for West Yellowstone where my grandparents had reserved me a room at the Worldmark in town.

Knowing that I had a nice room waiting for me made for good motivation throughout the day although I couldn't help but keep stopping to take pictures. For most of the morning I rode at the base of a few mountains to my left and eventaully wrapped all the way around them.

Mountains to my side in the morning
Another view a few miles down
Getting closer

I also rode with the Madison River to my right for most of the morning. There were countless fisherman in the river this morning. This whole area is a big attraction for fly fishers. After getting around the mountains I started eading tirectly toward another set of mountains that I would cut in between to head over Reynolds Pass and Earthquake Lake.

Riding next to this beautiful view on the Madison River
headed towards these mountains before cutting in to the left of them
Not a bad road to ride down!

At first I thought that I would stop to eat lunch before taking on any elevation of the pass, but instead I decided to shoot for the visitors center at Earthquake Lake. I am glad that I did this, because the view from the visitors center was amazing! It was a good lunch break.

Earthquake Lake Model of Earthquake Lake

After riding along Earthquake Lake I started to climb more and made my way to a dam which marked the beginning of Hebgen Lake. I rode through a foresty area for a little while before arriving at an open view of the whole lake. I rode alongside the lake for about 15 miles enjoying spectacular views. There were some nice mini beaches along the lake and quite a few nice looking resorts with log buildings.

Closer view riding along Earthquake Lake.
Dam at the end of Hebgen lake

After Hebgen Lake I had a straightaway to West Yellowstone. Although it was mostly flat I found that I was getting really tired from another very hot day of riding. I eventually made it into West Yellowstone and got checked into my room.

Hebgen Lake
Closer view of Hebgen Lake
Thought this was kind of a cool shot with the sail in it

Of course I was quick to take a shower and start my laundry. Then I called my grandparents to thank them for getting me the wonderful unit and talk to them about my trip. Afterwards I headed to the grocery store to get dinner for the night and snacks for the next couple of days. After eating I started writing out the past four days worth of blogs and began planning my next few days of riding.

Main area

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