Day 13

Meeting Up With Friends In Dillon

Posted by Conner McCormick on 2016-06-04
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Ride Date: 2016-06-02
Starting Location: Jackson, MT
Ending Location: Dillon, MT
Miles: 48
Lowest Elevation: 5102
Highest Elevation: 7400

I took things a little slow this morning so that I could wait until the restaurant opened for breakfast at 9. I was able to be slow enough to get over there at 9:30, but they were closed and the owners were nowhere to be found. Luckily Tammy offered me a bagel and coffee for breakfast so I kindly accepted and was on my way shortly after

Luckily this was going to be a pretty short day because I was only heading to Dillon where my buddies Kadn and Gabe from WSU were on a field camp (They are geology majors). Kadn had texted me a couple days before asking if my route would go by them and coincidentally it did!

Leaving Jackson was a very pleasant ride with spectacular scenery. All of the houses out there were so beautiful and spread out. I passed by lots of cows and horses like usual. Right away I started climbing up Big Hole Pass which was a nice and gradual climb so it wasn't too bad, and it helped that it was overcast and not too warm out. When I got to the top I pulled into the viewpoint area and enjoyed the view at the top of Big Hole Pass. Even though it was overcast I could still see for miles, and I was surrounded beautiful mountains.

A couple of calves with a stunning view behind them
Mountains after it opened up a little more
Beautiful view from Big Hole Pass
Me with my shaved baby face and a beautiful view
Elevation 7400

After descending Big Hole Pass I started up Badger Pass which was a little tougher because it wasn't very consistent. I eventually made my way over it and then had a nice downhill ride pretty much the rest of the day until I got into Dillon.

View descending Big Hole Pass
After Badger Pass

When I got into Dillion I decided to go to the KOA because it was right next to town and also had a discount for bikers. I was greeted at the KOA by Bob who was very friendly and also had a great sense of humor. He put me right next to the whole group of Texas A&M geology students who were out in the field at the time. After I set up my tent I took a shower, started some laundry, then headed to the store to get some groceries.

While I was on my computer typing up the blog for the previous day, Kadn gave me a call and said that they were back from their field camp and done eating and ready meet up. I met a couple of their friends on the trip with them and we all went out to some of the local bars. It was dangerously cheap to drink there, so I ended up having a few more than I had initially planned. It was a good time and I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to enjoy a night with my buddies while out in Montana.

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