My Route

How I'm getting across the country

Below is a general outline of the route that I will be taking to get across the country. It is by no means the quickest way across, however it will take me through some of the most amazing places that the country has to offer. Disclaimer: I drew this map very quickly and with little detail. It is not intended to show my exact route turn by turn but rather to give you an idea of the places that I will be going through.

Map with route drawn in

Bike Route Miles
Anacortes, WA – Sandpoint, ID (457.4 miles)
Sandpoint, ID – Whitefish, MT (212 miles)
Whitefish, MT – Missoula, MT (160 miles)
Missoula, MT – West Yellowstone, MT (328.5 miles)
West Yellowstone, MT - Rawlins, MT (350.5 miles)
Rawlins, WY – Pueblo, CO (387 miles)
Pueblo, CO – Alexander, KS (288.5 miles)
Alexander, KS – Girard, KS (288.5 miles)
Girard, KS – Murphysboro, IL (408.5 miles)
Murphysboro, IL – Berea, KY (396 miles)
Berea, KY – Christiansburg, VA (375.5 miles)
Christiansburg, VA – Richmond, VA (211 miles)
Richmond, VA – Conshohocken, PA (389.5 miles)
Conshohocken, PA – New York, NY (109 miles)
TRIP TOTAL (4,403.9 miles)

I will be using sectionalized maps that I purchased from the Adventure Cycling Association which will help me to navigate my way across the country. Along with turn by turn directions, these maps also provide valuable information such as weather patterns, elevation charts, highlighted amenities (bike shops, hostels, grocery stores, etc), and more.

Photo of sectionalized route maps All of my maps that I will be using to get across the country.

If you would like a more in-depth look at my route, click here to check out the interactive network map created by the Adventure Cycling Association. The trails that I will be riding are the Northern Tier, Great Divide, TransAmerica, and Atlantic Coast trails.