Everything I'm bringing with me

This is all of the gear that I am bringing along with my on my trip. I spent a lot of time researching all of the equipment that I got for this trip, and made sure to focus on getting lightweight but high quality materials. If you have any questions about any of my gear, feel free to ask!


Image of Novara Randonee bike

Novara Randonee

REI's signature touring bike, and method of travel for this adventure.

Image of Arkel AC Lowrider Front Pannier Rack

Arkel AC Lowrider Front Rack

Since my bike only came with the rear rack, I also got this front rack from Arkel to carry my front panniers.

Image of Planet Bike Fenders

Planet Bike Fenders

Fenders for my bike so that rain, mud, and rocks doesn't spray at my while I am riding.

Image of Ortlieb Panniers

Ortlieb Roller Plus Pannier Set

I have two rear panniers (40L combined), two front panneirs (25L combined), and a handlebar bag (7L) that I am using to carry all of my equipment for this trip.

Image of Shimano M200 MTB Shoes

Shimano M200 MTB Shoes

These shoes clip into my pedals and make for a much better ride. Technically these are designed for mountain biking but ultimately I decided on them because I can walk in them comfortably so I won't always be aching to take my shoes off.

Image of Giro Helmet


Because it's the law and stuff.

Image of Kryptonite Mini-5 Lock & Cable

Kryptonite Mini-5 Lock & Cable

This is a heavy duty but fairly lightweight lock that I will use to keep my bike safe when I am away from it for a while.

Image of Axiom HV Enforceair Mini Pump

Axiom HV Enforceair Mini Pump

I chose this pump because it is nice and lightweight. It also has a feature that folds down to turn it into a foot pump for easier inflation.

Image of Kryptonite Mini-5 Lock & Cable

Patch Kit & Tire Levers

For repairing flat tires!

Image of Axiom HV Enforceair Mini Pump

Spare Tubes

I carry a couple of extra bike tibes just in case.

Image of Mini 9 Multitool


For fixing and tweaking various parts on my bike. Nothing special, just a simple tool with most of the things that I need.

Image of Stanley Wrench


I carry a small wrench with me as well to help with repairs and modifications.


Image of REI Quarter Dome 3 Tent

Quarter Dome 3 Tent

I hadn't originally planned on going solo for this trip, so I am staying in a very spacious REI Quarter Dome 3 tent. This is an ultralight tent and is very easy to set up!

Image of Canon Rebel EOS T3i

Marmot Sawtooth Sleeping Bag

A nice down sleeping bag rated for 15 degrees. This is a very lightweight sleeping bag with some nice features

Image of Chillax Hammock

Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad

Gotta have a sleeping pad to sleep on! This one is incredible small and light, and surprisingly comfortable.

Image of Chillax Hammock


A pretty unnecessary item however I love relaxing in my hammock after a long day of riding, or just anywhere with a great view. I like to enjoy my trip and a hammock is a nice luxury.

Image of GSR Soloist Cookset

GSR Soloist Cookset

Very lightweight and minimal cookset that also fits my stovetop and propane tank when closed and packed away.

Image of MSR Propane Stove

MSR Propane Stove

To heat up meals when I feel like preparing my own food.

Image of Stanley Water Filter

Sawyer Water Filter

I decided to use this filter for this trip because it is very lightweight and takes up hardly any room in my pack when rolled up.

Image of MSR Propane Stove

LED Headlamp

Useful for navigating around camp in the dark.


Image of Patagonia Men's Better Sweater

Fleece Sweater

For keeping warm!

Image of Patagonia Hat


To tame my hair so I don't look homeless (even though I am).

Image of Columbia Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket

A jacket to keep my dry when it rains. Also a great windbreaker.

Image of Rain Pants

Rain Pants

For when it is raining for an extended period of time or very heavily.

Image of Novara Sweep Double Bike Shorts

Novara Sweep Double Bike Shorts

Comfortable and Flexible shorts for riding in every day. These shorts are easily adjustable, and have zippered pockets.

Image of Novara Mesh Padded Liner Bike Shorts

Padded Liner Shorts

Underwear for biking that provides much needed padding in the areas that contact the bike saddle.

Image of Novara Mesh Padded Liner Bike Shorts

Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Shirts

I have a couple of long sleeve moisture wicking shirts. I use one of them for riding and the other usually for off-bike casual wear.

Image of Novara Sweep Double Bike Shorts

T Shirts

A few for riding and a few for off-bike wear.

Image of Novara Mesh Padded Liner Bike Shorts


For keeping warm around the campsite and wearing in public when I am not riding my bike.

Image of Novara Sweep Double Bike Shorts


I have a couple of pairs of shorts for off-bike use - Khaki duo dry shorts for hiking or casual wear and basketball shorts for relaxing.

Image of Novara Mesh Padded Liner Bike Shorts


I have a few pairs of thin bicycling socks that I use for both biking and normally. I also have a pair of longer, thicker socks for keeping warm when needed.

Image of Novara Sweep Double Bike Shorts


Gotta have a few pairs of underwear!! Padded shorts are used as underwear while riding but I change into regular underwear once I am done riding for the day.

Image of Shower Pass Gloves

Showers Pass Gloves

My hands can get really cold when it is windy or raining. These gloves are comfortable and keep my hands from getting too cold.

Image of Nike Free's

Nike Free's

A pair of shoes other than my biking shoes. I like Nike Free's because they are my favorite shoes for hiking and they also look decent when dressed casually.


Image of Canon Rebel EOS T3i

Canon Rebel EOS T3i

For taking pictures of all of the amazing people, places, and things I see along the way. I have a 18mm-50mm lens and a 55mm-250mm lens, as well as various filters and other camera equipment

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Hard Drive

I use this to hold all of my files for this website, as well as pictures, videos, and other media that I get along my trip.

Image of Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Kit

Gotta keep all of my electronics charged! I can charge my devices directly from the solar panel or build up a charge in the portable battery to charge my devices later.

Image of Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

Okay so this one is pretty unnecessary, but I like to be able to listen to music without sacrificing hearing what is going on around me. Music helps me to keep at a pretty steady pace while riding.

Image of GoPro Hero 3+ Black

GoPro Hero 3+ Black

Great camera for getting more action-oriented videos as well as videos in the rain, under water, or other things that I wouldn't want to get my Canon T3i into.

Image of Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

To create new blogs and web pages for this website, and occasionally watch movies. It is nice and light compared to most laptops.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Cell Phone

So I can let Mom know that I'm still alive. I also use my phone to upload new blog posts and files to my web server since I don't always have wifi.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

I use this to store most of my electronics so they are all in one place. and easy for me to carry with me if I feel I need to. This bag fits into one of the rear panniers on the bike.

Image of AmazonBasics Tripod

Neoprene Camera Sleve

A really light sleeve for my camera. I use this to keep my camera from being scratched when I put it away in my handlebar bag.

Image of AmazonBasics Tripod


Because I am going alone, I need a tripod for me to actually be in any pictures. Also good for time lapses and night shots. I got the AmazonBasics tripod because it was fairly cheap.

Toiletries & Other

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Toiletry bag

I got an inexpensive bag from Walmart to keep all of my toiletries in one place.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Gotta keep the mouth clean!

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


I need to apply sunscreen a couple of times a day on sunny days, otherwise I turn into a lobster.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Lip Balm

Because nobody likes chapped lips.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


I apply lotion on my skin when it is dry, irritated, or sunburnt.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Shampoo & Conditioner

For washing my hair.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Nail Clippers

For keeping my nails trimmed.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack


Useful not only for personal hygeine, but also for picking things out that are stuck in my feet, shoes, tires, etc.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Razor & Shaving Cream

So I can keep my face looking clean.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Camp Towels

Lightweight and compact drying towels. I have one large one for my body and a smaller one that I usually use for drying dishes.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Wilderness Wash

Biodegradable multi-purpose wash for keeping things (including myself) clean while camping.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack


For cleaning my ears. They also come in handy for cleaning other random things.

Image of Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack


For sores and headaches.