What I'm doing and why

I always enjoy filling my summers with as much adventure as possible. Last year I spent my summer on a roadtrip aound the Western US with my best friend Harrison. This summer, to top the last, I'm riding my bicycle across the entire United States from Anacortes, WA to New York, NY.

Ever since high school I have had a crazy desire to ride a bicycle across the country. Being that this is my last full summer off before entering the real world and working full-time, I figured now was the best time to do it. I am new to adventure cycling and I have never been on a biking tour before so this is a whole new world to me, but I know that I am ready for the challenge. This trip is going to take me around 2 months, and I expect to have some incredible experiences and meet many great people along the way.

I made this blog for my friends and family to keep up with my stories and challenges that I face along the way. I hope that it also inspires others to be adventurous and spend some time in the great outdoors.

Want to know more about my trip? I also have information about my route and my gear. I'll also be updating my location fairly often provided that I have enough service to do so! If you have any questions that are left unanswered, feel free to fill out the contact form.