2016 Bike Trip

A blog about my trip across the United States on a bicycle

Number of days to cross the country: 68

Average miles per day (rest days included): 60.2059


Intro Post

Day 1

Beginning the Adventure

Anacortes, WA to Marblemount, WA

Day 2

Elevation, and More Rain

Marblemount, WA to Easy Pass Trailhead

Day 3

Over the Pass & Making New Friends

Easy Pass Trailhead to Winthrop, WA

Day 4

No Rain!

Winthrop, WA to Tonasket, WA

Day 5

Every Day is Leg Day

Tonasket, WA to Sherman Pass Byway

Day 6

Final Pass in Washington!

Sherman Pass Byway to Colville, WA

Day 7

Not Every Day Can Be A Good Day

Colville, WA to Cusick, WA

Day 8

One State Down!

Cusick, WA to Hope, ID

Day 9

Welcome to Montana

Hope, ID to Weeksville, MT

Day 10

This Is What It's All About

Weeksville, MT to Missoula, MT

Day 11

A Day Filled With Good Company

Missoula, MT to Darby, MT

Day 12

A Long Day of Riding

Darby, MT to Jackson, MT

Day 13

Meeting Up With Friends In Dillon

Jackson, MT to Dillon, MT

Day 14

A Rough Day With A Good Ending

Dillon, MT to Ennis, MT

Day 15

Beautiful Day And A Nice Room

Ennis, MT to West Yellowstone, MT

Day 16

A Nice But Long Day Through Yellowstone NP

West Yellowstone to North Grand Teton National Park

Day 17

Enjoying My Favorite Mountain Range

North Grand Teton National Park to Grand Teton National Park

Day 18

Over 9000!

Grand Teton National Park to Dubois, WY

Day 19

4 Cyclists in One Day!

Dubois, WY to Lander, WY

Day 20

On To The Ghost Town

Lander, WY to Jeffery City, WY

Day 21

Fighting The Wind

Jeffrey City, WY to Rawlins, WY

Day 22

A Short Ride And An Awesome Host

Rawlins, WY to Saratoga, WY

Day 23

A Day Of Ups And Downs

Saratoga, WY to Centennial, WY

Day 24 - Rest Day

Finally Taking A Break

Centennial, WY to Centennial, WY

Day 25

A Beautiful Ride Into Colorado

Centennial, WY to Walden, CO

Day 26

Our Journey To The Casita

Walden, CO to Granby, CO

Day 27

A Beautiful Day Through Rocky Mountain National Park

Granby, CO to Estes Park, CO

Day 28

Riding Through The Cities

Estes Park, CO to Denver, CO

Day 29 - Rest Day

A Relaxing Day In Denver

Denver, CO to Denver, CO

Day 30

A Long Day's Ride In A Heat Wave And A Selfless Stranger To Save Me

Denver, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

Day 31

A Nice Morning With My Host And Reuniting With Joop

Colorado Springs, CO to Pueblo, CO

Day 32

Our First Century Ride Day

Pueblo, CO to Eads, CO

Day 33

A Brutally Windy and Boring Ride Into Kansas

Eads, CO to Leoti, KS

Day 34


Leoti, KS to Dighton, KS

Day 35

Second Century!

Dighton, KS to Larned, KS

Day 36

Saved By Trail Angels

Larned, KS to Hesston, KS

Day 37

No Wind... Are We Still In Kansas?!

Hesston, KS to Eureka, KS

Day 38 - Rest Day

Relaxing In Eureka

Eureka, KS to Eureka, KS

Day 39

My Last Full Day With Joop

Eureka, KS to Walnut, KS

Day 40

Farewell, Good Friend!

Walnut, KS to Pittsburg, KS

Day 41

Missouri Welcomes You

Pittsburg, KS to Lockwood, MO

Day 42

Roller Coaster Hills

Lockwood, MO to Springfield, MO

Days 43-46


Day 47

Return To The Hot And Humid

Springfield, MO to Hartville, MO

Day 48

Up And Down And Up And Down

Hartville, MO to Alley Spring, MO

Day 49

Hot, Humid, And Hilly

Alley Spring, MO to Johnsons Shut-Ins State Park, MO

Day 50

A Real Bunk House!

Johnsons Shut-Ins, MO to Chester, IL

Day 51

WarmShowers Beats A Campground

Chester, IL to Tunnel Hill, IL

Day 52

A Quick Ferry To Kentucky

Tunnel Hill, IL to Marion, KY

Day 53

Thunderstorms And FLoods

Marion, KY to Utica, KY

Day 54

From Fire Station To Fire Station

Utica, KY to White Mills, KY

Day 55

Springfield Round 2

White Mills, KY to Springfield, KY

Day 56

Bring On The Heat

Springfield, KY to Berea, KY

Day 57

Intro To The Appalachians

Berea, KY to Buckhorn, KY

Day 58

A Poor Part Of The Country

Buckhorn, KY to Hindman, KY

Day 59

Virginia Is For Lovers

Hindman, KY to Haysi, VA

Day 60

Reuniting With Joop

Haysi, VA to Damascus, VA

Day 61

Back On Track With Joop

Damascus, VA to Fort Chiswell, VA

Day 62

Another Hostel Shared With Appalachian Trail Hikers

Fort Chiswell, VA to Catawba, VA

Day 63

Heading To The Base

Catawba, VA to Lexington, VA

Day 64

The Final Climb

Lexington, VA to Afton, VA

Day 65

A Day Of Swimming!

Afton, VA to Palmyra, VA

Day 66

The Final Countdown

Palmyra, VA to Doswell, VA

Day 67

So Close I Can Taste It

Doswell, VA to Williamsburg, VA

Day 68

Sweet Victory

Williamsburg, VA to Yorktown, VA


Day 69

Washington DC

Days 70 & 71

DC Continued...

Days 72 - 75

New York

Days 76 - 78

Home Again!

A Quick Reflection